Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick and easy chicken broth

Quick and Easy Chicken Broth

Directions for Chicken Broth:

How to make chicken broth the quick and easy way:
After a roasted chicken with veggies dinner, throw the bones back into the slow cooker. Throw in the leftover vegetables. Fill the pot 2/3 full of water. Turn on low and let it go for another 12 plus hours.  Divide into storage freezer bags and freeze until needed.


  1. If you put a little vinegar in with the water, it will pull out more vitamins and minerals from the bones. This is called bone broth and is very healthy. If you cook it long enough, the bones will actually be brittle and you can brake/crumble them with your hands. I make this all the time now. I love it! I also keep all of my vegetable scraps (that I used to throw away) frozen in a gallon freezer baggie to add to the bone broth. Makes a great base for soups or gravy. Oh, and if there is any juice left in the roaster/crockpot after our meal, I just leave it in for even more flavor in the broth. After the broth is cooled, I put it in a gallon pitcher (after straining), refrigerate and the next day remove and toss the fat and put the broth in freezer bags. I usually do 2 and 4 cup measurements, but we have a large family. I'm actually using the broth up faster than I can make it, lol. One of the best things is that it is basically free! Can't beat that when your on a tight budget!